Survitec Vancouver Manufacturing and Service Facility

Survitec Vancouver has a wide range of Marine, Domestic and Aviation Safety products
Marine Safety, Evacuation and Fire Systems Domestic Fire Safety Systems Aviation Safety and Fire Systems
• Liferafts
• Marine Evacuations Systems (MES)
• Rescue Boats
• Fire Safety Systems
• Imersion Suits
• Emergency Beacons
• Fire extinguishers
• Fire hose and accessories
• Fire alarm systems
• Sprinkler systems
• Emergency lighting
• Fire suppression systems
• Fire bottles
• Squibs / Cartridges
• O2 regulator O/H
• Hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels
• O2 masks O/H and inspection
• Aviation Life Vest stowable and constant wear
• Aviation life rafts sales and service authorized EAM facility
• Aviation Immersion suit

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For Sales Contact Us at Survitec Vancouver Sales for the Americas or Survitec Zodiac Sales for Europe, Africa and Asia
For Airsea Fire and Safety Contact Us at Airsea Sales and Service
For Service Contact Us at Survitec Vancouver Service for the Americas Survitec Zodiac Service for Europe, Africa and Asia